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Land Investing Services

Scaling starts with identifying and outsourcing BOTTLENECKS! LandFlow360 provides solutions to streamline your business and give you back time, your most valuable asset.

LandFlow360 helps you work smarter and grow faster.

If you are not mailing consistently, you are not selling consistently!

Over our years in the land buying and selling business and as Master Coaches for the most well known Land Flipping program on the market today, we have heard so many times how hard it is to send out mailers because of two reasons:

  1. Not having the time it takes to find leads, filter them, import into a CRM, and mail letters. 
  2. Remembering to do it consistently.

Comping Properties and Due Diligence is one of the first bottlenecks in most land investing businesses.

It is hard to make sure you are staying on top of these VERY IMPORTANT tasks.  When you have a JOB, kids, school and other LIFE activities needing your attention, they take priority!


What Are Others Saying?

Crystal and her team at Landflow360 are truly top notch. There are so many aspects of running a land business, and knowing we have a solid funding partner is one of them. Specifically, we are able to make offers on deals in various price ranges (even extremely high ranges), as we know we can count on Landflow360 for transactional funding/bridge funding, if needed. We highly recommend them as a go-to partner for any and all funding needs.

— Jessica and Tim L.  - Shamrock Point Investments, Inc

Landflow360 has been an amazing and integral part of my business.  They keep me on track with my letters going out the door – seamlessly!  And I LOVE the hand addressed envelopes.  They are also super responsive when I have questions, and adaptable when I have ideas or changes that I need to make. All in all, Landflow360 is very professional, personable, and efficient.  I would highly recommend them and their services!

— Krista

LandFlow360 is helping us become more consistent with our mailings and providing innovative new services to help us stand out from the competition by increasing our response rates. As top notch land investors themselves, they are an invaluable resource when it comes to understanding our specific needs in trying to scale our business to new heights this year.  Their team and turnaround times have been quite impressive- a testament to their strong leadership and great back end systems to support their customers every step of the way. I would highly recommend LandFlow360.

— Lucy

Land Flow360 was a big help to me in my land business. I got way way more offer requests than I could handle so I reached out to LandFlow360 for help running comps. They quickly ran the comps and helped me get my land business back on track. They were very friendly and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I will definitely be using their services again.

— Jeff